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Letter from our firm

Dear Clients,

We started taking precautions in preparation for the COVID-19 virus beginning in January. Our focus is on awareness and vigilance of the simple things that we could do to control the spread of any virus. Below are some of the things we have done:

  • Reminding staff not to come to work if they are sick or if they believe they have early symptoms of an illness.

  • Emphasized increased hand washing and other similar practices to mitigate the risk of transferring the virus.

  • Emphasized other changes in behaviors to protect ourselves.

  • We are cleaning and sanitizing common area surfaces such as doorknobs and counter surfaces daily.

Our most pressing concerns are protecting our staff and preserving business continuity.

We are well-positioned as a firm to operate remotely should the need arise. We currently can convert 50% of the staff to remote workers and will have 100% capacity within the week.

With respect to tax deadlines, we will continue to monitor information provided by the IRS, Department of the Treasury, and the various state departments of revenue. We will also continue to monitor information from our local department of health and The Center for Disease Control.

Given the recent surge of actions taken at every level of government to prepare and protect us from the virus, we felt it was essential to let you know what we have done to prepare. We will also keep you updated should the need arise.

If you are concerned about exposure to the virus and do not want to venture from your homes or places of work to drop off your information, remember you can drop your information of paperless by using our Liscio application. If you would rather drop off paper documents, we have a mail drop located on the south-most entrance to our office.